A first look at the PS5’s specs

By Matt Clough |


Yesterday saw Sony unveil some highly anticipated technical specs for their upcoming PS5, the successor to (you guessed it) the PS4. While details are still very thin on the ground for the key pieces of information on the PS5 – namely, the price, the release date and what the console looks like – yesterday’s announcement…

Coral Nintendo Switch Lite now available to pre-order

By Matt Clough |


The Nintendo Switch Lite has been a big hit since it launched a few months back, offering gamers a true successor to the 3DS range. While it can’t be attached to a TV and thus ‘Switched’ like the classic Switch model, the Lite has immediately found a receptive audience thanks to its continuation of Nintendo’s…

Nintendo announce the Switch Lite, launching September

By Matt Clough |


After months of rumours and rebuttals from Nintendo, the Japanese gaming giant has finally confirmed what many in the media claimed was true; we will be getting a new version of the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Lite will arrive on September 20th and cost $199.99, a full $100 drop from the RRP of the…

PlayStation unveils new limited edition Days of Play PS4 Slim for 2019

By Aaron Potter |

Days of Play PS4

In the market for a new PS4? Well PlayStation’s second State of Play livestream broadcast yesterday might have offered the solution in the form of a new limited edition “Days of Play” PS4 Slim, which acts as a successor to last year’s Blue and Gold console. This 2019 iteration instead boasts a Steel Grey chassis…

Nintendo Switch has now officially surpassed the sales of the Nintendo 64

By Aaron Potter |


The Nintendo 64 marked the Japanese console-maker’s first foray into the age of 3D gaming, giving us such classics as Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Banjo-Kazooie. It was one of Nintendo’s most popular home consoles (behind the Wii, NES and SNES) but it has now been bested by the…

Microsoft to launch ambitious new subscription service

By Matt Clough |


Gamescom was certainly busy for Microsoft, who announced some new games, new controllers, and a whole bunch of new bundles. However, perhaps the most exciting news to come out concerned the future of the Xbox One X. Since launching nearly a year ago, the One X has been a relative success, enticing gamers with its…