Coral Nintendo Switch Lite now available to pre-order

By Matt Clough | | 1463 |

The Nintendo Switch Lite has been a big hit since it launched a few months back, offering gamers a true successor to the 3DS range. While it can’t be attached to a TV and thus ‘Switched’ like the classic Switch model, the Lite has immediately found a receptive audience thanks to its continuation of Nintendo’s rich handheld heritage.

Last month, Nintendo announced that a new color of Switch Lite would be arriving, to join the grey, yellow and turquoise options available as standard (plus the Zacian and Zamazenta special edition launched to celebrate Pokemon Sword and Shield). The fourth standard color is a very fetching coral pink. The buttons remains the standard light grey color found on all the regular Switch Lite models, which makes for a really nice contrast. Overall, we think this is perhaps the best looking Switch Lite available so far.

As well as offering consumers more choice, which is never a bad thing, this latest Switch Lite color suggests that Nintendo are treating the Switch Lite as they have their handheld consoles stretching right back to the GameBoy, recognising that they’ll be carried out and about and wanting to give players a greater range of colours and designs. This is in contrast to the main Switch which, while slowly picking up new Joy-Con colour combinations, has retained its predominantly grey body since it launched more than three years ago.

The coral Switch Lite is up for pre-order in all the usual spots, including Amazon, Target and Walmart. The console itself releases on April 3rd. Based on the current availability of the Switch Lite’s other color options, we’re not expecting problems in terms of stock shortages, however, given the issues Nintendo are currently experiencing with manufacturing in general, if you want to be absolutely certain to get your hands on the coral Lite, you’re best to pre-order.

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Matt Clough

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