About Consoles.com

We offer price comparison for all major game consoles in the UK, including Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita. Our team of dedicated staff search the internet on a daily basis to find the best deal for you. We visit all of the most popular console retailers in the UK to ensure that our website is up to date with their latest deal and offers. Our aim is simply to provide you with a quick and efficient method to compare major console retailers in the UK to find the deal that suits you!

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What is the Consoles.com business model?

Consoles.com have been helping people find their ideal console or game deal for several years now. Over time, we've helped thousands find deals and offers they likely wouldn't have otherwise, all without asking for any sort of subscription or one off payment from you to use our service. Nor do we run any sort of adverts on our site beyond occasional banners for specific retailers or deals.

So you may be wondering; how exactly does Consoles.com make money?

First things first, we should say that yes, we don't run Consoles.com purely out of the goodness of our hearts. Although we love nothing more than finding you incredible value for money, we do need to keep the site up and running, along with other associated costs, and that means we have to make sure the site makes money.

So how do we do this?

Whenever you click on a deal button that takes you from the Consoles.com website, you browser will pick up what's called a cookie (for a more detailed explanation of cookies, check out our cookies policy page) via the links we use. This cookie will then tell the retailer, should you decide to go ahead and purchase something from them, that you've visited them via Consoles.com.

With this information, the retailer looks at the value of the item(s) you purchased and then gives a small percentage of that overall value to us as a reward for the role we played in helping you find the deal.

Some frequently asked questions we've had regarding this process:

What happens if I click through to a deal, then leave the retailer's website?

The cookie will be present within your browser for a set amount of time, usually 30 days, before automatically being deleted.

If I click through to a deal on a retailer's site and don't buy the item(s) immediately but do but do at a later date, does Consoles.com still get a commission?

As long as the cookie that was generated is still active (they usually expire after 30 days), then yes, we still receive a commission.

What happens if I click on one deal from a certain retailer but end up ordering a different deal from that retailer?

The cookie we pass to your browser isn't tied to a specific deal, so in this case, we'd still receive a percentage for bringing you to their site.

If I see the deal on the Consoles.com site and instead of clicking on the "View Deal" button, navigate away from the website and find the deal myself (e.g. via a search engine), does Consoles.com still receive commission?

In this scenario, no, Consoles.com would not receive commission. However, it's worth pointing out that many of the deals we find and list on Consoles.com are tough to find on the retailer's website and may not be visible via their search or categories, so if you're after a specific deal, the quickest way will be to go via our "View Deal" button!

Does using an ad blocker stop Consoles.com receiving commission?

Though we work hard to try and avoid ad blockers stopping the process of adding a cookie to your browser, we may struggle to do this with certain deals and retailers. If you're a regular visitor to Consoles.com and want to help us, we'd be hugely appreciative of you turning off or pausing your blocker for our site!