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Xbox One headset deals

Compare 1 Xbox One headset deals from 1 leading retailers, including Walmart, Amazon and Ebay. Today’s cheapest Xbox One headset is only $48.80.

Xbox One headset deals
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Xbox One Official Stereo Headset

From $48.80

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Communicate with other players over Xbox Live

Opting to grab an Xbox One Headset with your X or S console is the best way to stay connected with other players online. It can plug directly into your standard Xbox One Wireless controller thanks to a simple 3.5mm jack input, saving you lots of time and money forking out for batteries. It helps if earcups are comfortable and the audio crystal clear – all things that the official Xbox one stereo headset offers.

Easy access to audio controls and mic muting

The Xbox One official stereo headset not only looks great and allows in-game audio to sound exceptional, but it also comes complete with various added conveniences. You can, for instance, easily adjust volume and mute your mic easily using a detachable headset adaptor that lets the audio controls sit just under your controller. No more fumbling to find the right button.

Xbox One Stereo headset logo

Xbox One Stereo headset logo

Unidirectional audio for clear-sounding voice capture

You can be assured, when purchasing the official Xbox One Stereo Headset, that your voice will always be clearly picked up when speaking across Xbox Live. This is because the mic listens out for any incoming audio from all available directions. You can rest it on your head in the weirdest position and still be assured that what you say will be heard in party chat.