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Xbox One controller deals

Compare 3 Xbox One controller deals from 1 leading retailers, including Walmart, Amazon and Ebay. Today’s cheapest Xbox One controller is only $47.52.

Xbox One controller deals
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Xbox One Wireless Controller: Black

From $47.52

2 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Red

From $48.99

1 Price

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Sports White

From $69.99

1 Price

Xbox One Wireless White Elite Controller

From $149.99

1 Price

Xbox One Wireless Elite Controller

From $149.99

1 Price

Everything you need to know about the Xbox One Controller

Most people agreed that the Xbox 360 controller was the better design in the days of when Microsoft console was at war with Sony’s PS3. This generation isn’t any different, with the Xbox One Controller being a successful iteration on the classic “Old Duke” design which makes it a joy to play games with. It’s hefty, ergonomic and feels comfortable to hold – available in a range of attractive colours separately for those looking to jump in as player two.

The Xbox One controller easily connects wirelessly to your main console, powered by just two AA batteries that last between 8 and 10 hours. This makes it easy for you to keep on gaming on Xbox One until the early hours of the morning. An Xbox One headset plugs into the bottom of the gamepad, opening a whole world of communication with friends and online players.

Play in style with a wide variety of controller colour options

There are so many colours of Xbox One controller to choose from, you might have a hard time narrowing the exact one you want down. Luckily, filter tools like those featured here on can aid in this, whether you’re looking for Blue, Red or something more bespoke like Phantom White. If all else fails, you can always fall back on classic White and Black.

Sports White Xbox One controller

Xbox One S

Convenient wireless play

The Xbox One controller’s wireless nature makes it easy to stay comfortable at a good distance away from your television. This saves you from the usual restriction that comes with some third-party Xbox One controllers out there, being the best way to cosy up in your preferred position the next time you take on the Locust in Gears of War or race past friends in Forza.