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PS4 Slim Console Deals

Compare 2 PS4 Slim bundle deals from 2 leading retailers, including Walmart, Amazon and Ebay. Today’s cheapest PS4 Slim console is only $189.99.

PS4 Slim Console Deals

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2 prices checked from 2 retailers including GameStop, Amazon & Walmart

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Last updated:

2 prices checked from 2 retailers including GameStop, Amazon & Walmart

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    PS4 Slim for just $189.99
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    PS4 Slim 1TB console


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    • Price decreased from $209.99 to $189.99 on 21st Aug at 12:08
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    • Price decreased from $209.99 to $189.99 on 21st Aug at 12:08
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    PS4 Slim for just $529.99
    The Last of Us
    Call of Duty : Modern Warfare II (2022)
    mightyskins console voucher

    PS4 Slim 1TB console bundled with:


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    • Price increased from $499.99 to $529.99 on 13th Jun at 11:29
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    • Price increased from $499.99 to $529.99 on 13th Jun at 11:29
    • Price decreased from $529.99 to $499.99 on 29th May at 06:28
    • Price decreased from $539.99 to $529.99 on 24th May at 21:12
    • Price decreased from $579.99 to $539.99 on 19th Jun at 23:33
    • Price decreased from $669.99 to $579.99 on 14th Jun at 03:13
    • Deal first found on 16th Mar at 11:22

    Why buy a PS4 Slim?

    Slimmer, lighter and more sleek-looking than the original launch PS4 console, the PS4 Slim has been the standard entry-level model since 2017. Hardware revisions like this have become standard practice around the halfway point of most console generations, and the PS4 Slim continues the trend of having the vast majority of tweaks and changes be for the better. A PS4 Slim isn’t in any way lesser-than the PS4 launched in 2013, but it does include some slight updates to the hardware.

    How slim is the PS4 Slim?

    Most mainstream consoles are always pretty chunky when they first come to market and the original PS4 SKU was no exception. The chassis designed for the PS4 Pro, however, represents one of the neatest around, having decreased in size by roughly 30%. This makes the PS4 Pro perfect for players looking for some extra wiggle room in their entertainment centre when upgrading. It’s design is best summed up by saying it has a rounded body with a matte finish on the top of the console rather than the two-tone finish seen in prior models.

    How much power has the PS4 Slim got?

    From a pure power perspective, the PS4 Slim doesn’t differ from the internals present in its 2013 predecessor. Both run on AMD microarchitecture with an eight-core X86 Jaguar CPU and 1.84 T-FLOPS of graphical processing power. This means that all games in the PS4 library will run as smoothly on either console, with no noticeable visual downgrades to speak of. The PS4 Slim won’t net you the ability to play games with advanced 4K resolution (as with the PS4 Pro), but HDR colour vibrancy is a feature possible across all PS4 models.

    What games are available on the PS4 Slim?

    The PS4 arguably boasts the most expansive games catalogue of all the other consoles, with an army of top-notch first-party developers creating such blockbuster titles as The Last of US Part II, God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man. All these titles can’t be played on any other platform, making PS4 Slim the best place to for anyone wanting to enjoy third-party releases from the likes of Ubisoft, EA and Activision in addition to console exclusives.

    What controller comes with a PS4 Slim console?

    Where the PS4 Slim does set itself apart from the original PS4 somewhat is in the slightly revised Dualshock 4 controller design included in the box. Again, as with the console box itself, the overhaul is very minor, largely revolving around a light bar strip added to the top of the controller’s central touch pad. This makes it easier to notice any dynamic colour changes that occur due to something that happens in game; you only need to look down rather than rotate your entire controller around.

    What are the most popular PS4 Slim bundles?

    Looking to immediately get started with a game after picking up your new PS4 Slim? There is a wide swathe of available bundles to help you with this, each coming packaged with a unique tie-in game representative of the various genres present on PS4. If third-person action games are your thing, for example, there might even be too much choice. Similarly, racing and sports game enthusiasts are also easily catered for.

    PS4 Slim Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle

    Rockstar’s long-awaited cowboy sequel places players in the shoes of Arthur Morgan, a dedicated outlaw and member of the Van der Linde gang that’s found itself on the run after a job gone bad. It’s not a bad game in which to begin your PS4 Slim career; just know that you are starting off on what many people consider to be the best games on the platform. At present the bundle is available with 500GB of built-in memory, but this is easily expandable thanks to the Slim’s smart redesign.

    Red Dead Redemption

    Fifa 19

    PS4 Slim FIFA 19 bundle

    Scoring a goal has never looked or felt better than in EA’s annual football offering, in part thanks to the slight tweaks made to the engine that now allows for such features as ‘Active Touch’. Mechanics like this offer players greater control of the ball when on the pitch. In terms of PS4 Slim bundles relating to FIFA 19, there are plenty of various options to consider; including those with either a 500GB or 1TB hard drive.

    PS4 Slim Marvel’s Spiderman bundle

    Not since the salad days of the PlayStation 2’s Spider-Man 2 movie tie-in had players been given avenue in which to feel like Marvel’s wall-crawler swinging through the city streets of New York. That changes when Insomniac’s PS4 version release in 2018 to stellar reviews, telling its own original story that wasn’t beholden to the movies combined with combo-driven combat that made bringing the hurt to bad guys extremely rewarding. There are various PS4 Slim bundles complete with Marvel’s Spider-Man, being a great way to start your PS4 journey.

    Gran turismo sport

    PS4 Slim Gran Turismo Sport bundle

    Polyphony Digital is considered one of the most respected racing game developers out there, having provided driving enthusiasts the best car simulation around since the original Gran Turismo’s debut in 1997. Tweaks and engine improvements have carried on ever since, with the PS4 Slim’s Gran Turismo Sport representing the next best thing to actually being on the track. You can pick up a PS4 Slimk bundle featuring Gran Turismo Sport in either a 500GB or 1TB capacity.

    What’s inside the box with all new PS4 Slim consoles?

    Curious to know what you get for your money before you buy yourself a new PS4 Slim? As well as the PS4 Slim itself, inside the box you will also include the main key components:

    Dualshock 4 controller

    What good is a PS4 without the appropriate controller to use on it? Luckily, the Dualshock 4 included with PS4 Slim bundles represent the best Sony’s hallmark gamepad has ever been, feeling extremely comfortable to hold, totally ergonomic and restraint-free thanks to wireless play following a quick charge via micro USB. The controller also features a unique touch pad slap-bang in the centre, useful for swift map access in games that require it.

    Mono stereo headset

    Online play is now an essential part of what it means to be a player in 2019. This means that an internet connection is near-essential, but another important addition is a headset that enables you to communicate with other members on your team. Leaving this out could mean putting your chances of winning at a stark disadvantage. That’s why every PS4 comes supplied with a mono stereo headset out of the box. It’s a simple and no-frills solution, but ideal for getting started.

    HDMI cable

    Odds are that you’ll be familiar with using HDMI cables as most, if not all, modern televisions require them. There’s a slim chance some might be just fine experiencing content at 480p standard definition, but modern blockbuster titles demand to be played in at least 1080p Full HD. Your PS4 Slim included a HDMI cable as standard, therefore – and luckily, you get one right out of the box.

    USB and power cables

    No PS4 bundle is complete without the bare essentials, and in this case that means having the appropriate USB and power cables. USB to power your controller and power cables to, well, power your console. Only when buying your PS4 Slim refurbished should you worry about making sure these are all here.

    Five things to consider before buying a PS4 Slim

    1. You could save money buying a bundle

    If you buy a PS4 Slim bundled with a game, you will save more money than buying each item individually. Generally speaking, the more games that are included in a PS4 Slim bundle, the better value the deal is.

    2. Don’t wait until Black Friday

    The best deals for a PS4 Slim are available all year round, not just over the Black Friday weekend. In fact, we’ve seen some of the cheapest PS4 Slim deals on sale during Spring and Summer. So if you’re already thinking of buying a new PS4 Slim, are message is simple – don’t wait, buy one when a deal looks good value to you.

    3. The visuals will be better on a PS4 Pro

    The one real downside to the PS4 Slim is the visuals aren’t as sharp as the more pricier PS4 Pro model. For most casual gamers, this is no problem, but if you class yourself as a hardcore gamer, you may be better off opting for a PS4 Pro with 4k definition visuals.

    4. You only get one Dualshock 4 controller

    No matter which PS4 model you buy, as standard there is only one PS4 controller inside the box. The price of an additional controller is about $60, so be sure to bear this in mind when picking a PS4 Slim bundle, as some may come with a 2nd controller as part of the bundle.

    5. Pay the cheapest possible price

    Last but not least, our final piece of advice when buying a PS4 Slim is to ensure you pay the cheapest possible price. With so many retailers now stocking the PS4 Slim, there are plenty of deals available. And that’s where we can help you, with our PS4 Slim price comparison tool at the top of this page.