PSVR deals

PSVR deals
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Sony Playstation 4 Camera V2 PS4 for PSVR

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PS4 Playstation Move Twin Pack

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Playstation VR Aim Controller

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PSVR Headset

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Experience PS4 games like never before with PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is the most affordable way to jump on the Virtual Reality movement using a home console. It opens up a new world of interactive entertainment by placing you front and centre within your favourite game worlds, letting you experience iconic locations Skyrim, Doom and others from an entirely fresh first-person perspective. All you need to get started is a PS4 console, a PS4 camera and a TV. Following that, simply pick up a PSVR starter pack and away you go.

The PSVR headset itself is light and fully adjustable to fit on any-sized head, featuring a built-in 5.7” OLED screen that brightly depicts whatever game you’re playing. It also includes a mic to let you discuss in-game tactics with friends, two ear buds that deliver 3D audio and built-in precision tracking to keep your position properly orientated.

A varied library of PSVR games to explore

PSVR is home to a host of great exclusive games that can’t be played anywhere else. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is perhaps one of the best examples, being an old-school 3D platformer that sees you guide a little robot but also places you in the game world. Others include futuristic racers like Wipeout: Omega Collection and space-set shooters like Farpoint. More and more great PSVR games are released every week on the PlayStation store. You’ll never be at a loss for things to play.

PSVR games

PS4 Project Morpheus

Dualshock 4 and PS Move compatible

PlayStation VR is playable in two ways: Dualshock 4 and PlayStation Move controllers. The Dualshock 4 works in the same way it does in standard PS4 games, whereas the PS Move controller allow players to enjoy the many benefits of hand-to-hand tracking. Actions like firing a gun, swinging a sword and throwing a punch suddenly feel more immersive. With PS Move every move you make is successfully realised in the game world.

The PSVR will also be compatible with the PS5, meaning you can still pick one up while you wait for Sony’s next PlayStation safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to continue enjoying immersive VR games for years to come!

There are currently a range of PSVR bundles available, so be sure to check all of your options before making your choice!

PSVR headset

The basic headset and camera on their own, with no bundled games. This set is, unsurprisingly, the cheapest option available, but it is slowly being phased out in favour of the bundles, and if you’re planning on buying several games, the bundled options can often offer greater value for money.

PSVR Mega Pack

This bundle comes with the headset, the camera, and five – yes, FIVE – games; VR Worlds, Skyrim, AstroBot, Resident Evil VII and Everybody’s Golf VR. This bundle offers tremendous value for money, with a great range of games that showcase what the PSVR can offer – from immersion in the mystical world of Skyrim, to creative platforming in AstroBot, to terrifying jump scares in Resident Evil.

Iron Man VR bundle

This bundle comes with only one game, the recently released Iron Man VR. However, as well as the game, you get the headset, the camera, and – crucially – a pair of PlayStation Move controllers. These wand-style controllers enable you to use gestures, and have been extremely hard to come by in the last few years. This bundle is a great way of ensuring that you get the full VR experience.