Nintendo announce Mario Tennis Switch bundle for the holidays

By Matt Clough | | 1911 |

We’ve had surprisingly few Nintendo Switch bundles since the console launched a year and a half ago. So far, only Mario Odyssey has received the full bundle treatment in the US, and that has been tough to find since it launched.

That changes with the newly announced Mario Tennis Aces bundle.

This bundle is interesting for a few reasons. Firstly, its main focus appears to give people a good deal on the Switch, rather than promote Mario Tennis Aces, which came out a fair few weeks ago. Ordinarily, we’d expect to see the bundle launch at the same time as the game if Nintendo were seeking to really push the game.

The second reason is the fact that 1-2 Switch – originally a full-priced launch title – is bundled in for free. At the point of release, many gamers pointed out that the game was best viewed as a tech-demo, similar to Wii Sports had been. It seems that Nintendo may have come around to this way of thinking. It’ll be interesting to see if we start getting 1-2 Switch packaged with new Switch bundles as standard.

As for this bundle, it also comes with neon Joy-Cons. There’s so far been no mention of whether a gray Joy-Con version will be launched. Both included games are download codes, rather than physical cartridges. The bundle is slated to cost $359, which is a very solid cost when compared to what the console and two games would cost if bought individually.

It’ll be available exclusively from Walmart, and launches on September 5th. We’re not yet sure what stock levels will be like, but as Nintendo seem to be looking at the Christmas holidays with this one, there should be plenty around!


Matt Clough

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