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Nintendo Switch

Hardware Overview


Learn more about the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a video games console with a difference. Unlike modern games consoles which make you choose between a handheld device or a stand-alone home gaming system, the Switch takes the best features of handheld and home video games consoles and merges them into one device, offering a different ways to play.

Gaming whenever, wherever

When at home, you slot the Nintendo Switch into a static dock for home console gaming, and when you want to play on-the-go, just remove from the dock and attach the physical controllers. Play online or play local multiplayer and split screen. It’s a games console for every type of gamer.

gaming whenever, wherever

Third party support

Triple A Game Developer support

One area that Nintendo has struggled previously is getting the support from third party developers for their devices. While there was always the Nintendo mainstay games such as Mario, Legend of Zelda and Pokemon, gamers had to go to use other games consoles for their Triple A fix. Not anymore. Nintendo has announced a sample of the developers it will be working with, including EA, Bethesda and Ubisoft. We’ve already seen the Nintendo Switch running Skyrim, and only time will tell if more big titles make their way across to Nintendo.

Hi-Def gaming, powered by Nvidia

Powered by a custom version of the Tegra processor from Nvidia, the Nintendo Switch will boast 720p definition on the portable device. Furthermore, it will fully support Unreal Engine 4, which is quite a demanding graphics engine. While this may seem a small detail, it’s a good indication of what titles (including the Unreal-powered Rocket League) and performance we can expect to see on the Nintendo Switch.

Powered by Nvidia

Local Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer of all kinds

Whether it’s taking on a team of strangers in Rocket League or facing off against friends sat right next to you on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Switch is perfect for multiplayer. The innovative design choices behind the Joy-Con controllers means that every console effectively comes bundled with two separate controllers, and with the Switch playable in kickstand mode, it can offer up to four players a chance to compete locally with minimum fuss!

Outstanding exclusives and growing third party support

Nintendo have always been famed for their huge range of beloved exclusive franchises, and the Switch is no exception. Already home to one of the best games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the enduringly popular Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, the Switch will soon have a 3D Mario game in the form of Mario Odyssey, with a main series Pokemon game and a new Metroid Prime confirmed for the console in future. What’s more, third party support is growing, with the likes of Rocket League and Skyrim both launching soon.

Zelda Breath of the Wild

What can the Nintendo Switch do?

At home

At home

Use the Nintendo Switch Dock to connect to your TV. When docked, the Switch can display games in HD 1080p resolution.

on the move

On the move

Detach the console to play on-the-go. Simply slide the Joy-Cons into place and you’ve got the most powerful handheld console ever made!



Deploy the kickstand and play anywhere. Give a friend one of the Joy-Cons and take each other on with no need for extra controllers.



Instantly switch between home or portable systems. No need to power down or even reach a save point.

AAA titles

AAA Titles

Play new games from leading AAA developers. Legend of Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Rocket League, Skyrim and more.

revolutionary control system

Revolutionary control system

Modular home controller fits comfortably in your hand. Motion control gives you more ways to play.

it's a meee

It's a meee

Classic new games for a new generation of Nintendo fans, including the first open world 3D Mario game for over a decade.

Split screen capabilities

Split screen capabilities

Take a Joy-Con each and take on your friends. Enjoy beautiful 720p visuals on the Switch’s crisp, colorful screen.

Share the fun

Share the fun

Snap off the Joy-Con controllers for instant multiplayer action. Additional straps come with the console for safety and comfort.

online multiplayer

Online multiplayer

Connect with friends via Nintendo’s online network. Take on players from all over the world in a range of games.

Pro Controller

Pro Controller

Go pro with the revamped Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch. Enjoy a classic home gaming experience with this wireless controller.

Cartridge based gaming

Cartridge based gaming

Disc-less gaming lends to shorter load times. Cartridges are also easier to carry around safely for portable gaming.

Nintendo NX Logo

Nintendo NX appears

Nintendo’s late president, Satoru Iwata, confirmed that Nintendo were working on a new console under the codename “NX”. Scant details were offered at the time, but as with every new Nintendo console announcement, speculation was wild with possibilities for what the Japanese gaming giant could have in store.

Launch date confirmed

Over a year later, the NX’s official launch date was announced as March 2017, two years after Iwata’s original announcement. With this news, the rumor mill cranked up another notch, with speculation about what the NX would mean for both the Wii U and the DS family of handheld consoles.

First launch title: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo signalled their intentions behind the NX by announcing the first launch title for the system would be the newest fully fledged Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild.

The Switch is officially unveiled

After much speculation about everything from what form the new console would take to its official name, the NX was officially dubbed the Switch in an unveiling. With the news of the name came details about the console itself, with the most striking feature being its three distinct form factors – a home console and a portable that could be played in both handheld and table-top modes.

Switch Presentation

Launch date confirmed

As well as showing off the Switch a bit more, Nintendo made the eagerly awaited announcement of the Switch’s launch date at a live streamed event in Tokyo.

Switch Launch

Switch launches

Amidst rave reviews and worldwide shortages, part in thanks to the incredible acclaim being received by Breath of the Wild, the Switch launched in March. Over the course of the following months, it would shatter all sales expectations as gamers the world over struggled to get their hands on 2017’s hottest new gadget.

Big news at E3

With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild earning rave reviews, Nintendo roll out the big guns at the annual E3 convention. As well as offering a playable version of the first sandbox Mario game in years, they also reveal the existence of new games in the Kirby, Yoshi, Pokemon and Metroid series. There’s also some surprising – and encouraging – news about cross-platform support, with e-sports favourite Rocket League coming in the next few months.

Super Smash time

Nintendo continued their streak of wheeling out their big hitting franchises on the Switch. March sees the announcement of Super Smash Bros, and while it’s not yet clear if it’s an entirely new game or a remaster of the Wii U version, fans of the beat ’em up series aren’t too worried!

LABO launch

Nintendo LABO – the latest innovation from the famously creative minds at Nintendo – launches. Using cardboard peripherals that you put together yourself, you can play games on your Switch and even create your own software programmes!

A landmark sales number

Boosted by incredibly strong holiday sales, the Switch surpasses the 14 million unit sold mark in less than a year. The original forecast of 10 million in the year has been beaten comprehensively. More impressively, the Switch has sold in a few months more than the Wii U sold across its entire life span.