Xbox Series X pre-order deals and bundles

After years of waiting, the Xbox Series X is almost here. Perhaps the most powerful home console ever, the Xbox Series X will represent a quantum leap forward from the power available in the Xbox One, and will open up a whole new world of gaming possibilities.

We’ll be keeping tabs on all the latest online deals for and news about the Xbox Series X, including release date, release price and where you can find the very best deals and bundles before launch and beyond.

Massive backwards compatibility

With so many games now focused on creating huge online communities, gamers are more reluctant than ever to part with their older games. With the Xbox Series X, however, you don’t need to worry. Microsoft have confirmed that every game playable on the Xbox One – including the hundreds of backwards compatible titles from the Xbox and Xbox 360 era – will be playable on the Xbox Series X straight out of the gate, giving it instant access to a library of thousands of titles, some of which will evenly be graphically enhanced by the Xbox Series X via high dynamic range rendering.

Xbox Series X logo

Xbox Series X console

Stylish design

Microsoft are known for their stylish tech, and the Xbox Series X is no exception. A vertical tower design rather than the horizontal box is designed to be incorporated into the most modern of home entertainment set ups, and reflect the same ethos that has gone into the Series X – a stylish, seamless experience. Nowhere is this embodied better than in the Xbox Series X’s ‘Smart Delivery’, while will let players buy certain games – including the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 – on the Xbox One, and have their version automatically upgrade when they move to an Xbox Series X.

Supercharged gaming console

The Xbox Series X, along with the PS5, is the most powerful games console ever launched, with specs that mean it can go toe-to-toe in terms of performance against super power gaming computers. The Xbox Series X features and 8 core CPU that can churn out more than 12 teraflops of power, double what the current most powerful console – the Xbox One X – can manage. That’s serious power by itself, but Microsoft aren’t stopping there. The Series X will also ship with a 1TB SSD. Not only is this plenty of room for your games, but the fact that they’ve moved from traditional hard drives to an SSD will mean you’re able to access your games far more quickly, which will see those lengthy loading times found on certain current gen games reduced dramatically.

Xbox Series X